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Submitting reports

After receiving support from the Norwegian Photographic Fund (Nofofo), you must submit a report at the end of the project. A new application for project funding will not be considered before the previous report of your finished project is submitted and approved.

What the report should contain

The report for your funded project should contain the following:

  • How the funding have contributed to the planned project. If there have been changes, it should be specified in the report
  • Short summary of activity and timeline of project
  • Budget of expenses in PDF
  • Documentation/image materials of the completed project

If the project/publication is delayed

If your project is unable to be accomplished, please contact the secretary of Nofofo for further guidance. If your project is postponed, please inform the secretary of the reasons for this if it affects your report.


The Norwegian Photographic Fund must be credited in publications, information materials etc. The fund's logo can be downloaded here: Logo
If you need a different version of the logo, please contact Nofofo by mail.

If you have received funding for a publication, a copy of the designated publication shall be sent to us by mail, in addition to filling out the report form online. You can find the report form by registering your personal user profile in our application portal.

Go to the new application portal here:

If you have further questions about guidelines, please contact us at nofofo@ffotografer.no.

Photo: Tor Ulstein