Norwegian Photographic Fund (Nofofo) is a fund for allocating collective assets to artists who live and work in Norway, using photography and other camera-based forms of expression. The fund's assets are managed by a board of four people with one deputy member. The board is elected by the General Assembly of Forbundet Frie Fotografer (Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers - FFF). The administration of FFF functions as the fund´s secretary.

Nofofo welcomes application twice a year: 1 February and 1 September.

History NOFOFO


Norwegian Photographic Fund (Nofofo) was established by Forbundet Frie Fotografer (Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers - FFF) in 1979. Statutes of the new fund was approved by the association's board meeting 16th of May 1979, and was approved by the Ministry on June 1st the same year. The current statutes are available in Norwegian only HERE.

Nofofo grants financial support to Fotogalleriet and FFF as fixed annual allocations. Since 2012, the fund has also granted annual support for Vårutstillingen (the Spring Exhibition), the peer-reviewed group exhibition organized by FFF, that takes place at Fotogalleriet each year. Nofofo also accepts and grants applications for project, exhibition and publication support from individual artists.

Nofofo sometimes support extraordinary projects, such as when they advertised for an editor for a magazine about camera-based art in 2009. Of all the submitted applications, Nina Strand was granted the support with her idea for Objektiv. The magazine was then founded by Strand as Editor in Chief together with an advisory board. Objektiv is independent and not organizationally connected to Nofofo, FFF or Fotogalleriet.


Kaja Leijon

Board member
Grethe Irene Einarsen

Board member
Arne Vinnem

Board member
Geir Morten Brungot

Deputy member
Ulla Schildt

Forbundet Frie Fotografer

Previous grants

Go to our Norwegian pages for grants after spring 2016. +

Spring 2016 +

Aas, Marte Publication: Angle 13 20.000 NOK

Andersen, Signe Marie Publication: Uten tittel 30.000 NOK

Andersson, Emil Project: About Western Europe 25.000 NOK

Blad, Katharina Barbosa Exhibition: Vårutstillingen 2016 25.000 NOK

Følstad, Marit Publication: The Marble Index 30.000 NOK

Juul, Arild Publication: Out of the Woods 20.000 NOK

Gleditsch, Espen Exhibition: Noplace and Kunstnerforbundet 40.000 NOK

Goldberg, Katinka Exhibition: Vårutstillingen 2016 and Prague Biennale Photo 20.000 NOK

Jóhannsson, Sveinn Fannar Exhibition: Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 30.000 NOK

Kramer, Mariken Exhibition: Oppland kunstsenter 20.000 NOK

Olsen, Sandra Vaka Project: Solbrent (work.title) 20.000 NOK

Pedersen, Linn Exhibition: MELK Kunstnernes Hus 20.000 NOK

Porselius, Ina Project: Video, no title 13.000 NOK

Torgersrud, Morten Publication: FOG 20.000 NOK

Torp, Nina Project: Situasjoner 40.000 NOK

Van Hoegee, Kirsti Project: Planetarisk Tåke 20.000 NOK

Jørgensen, Erik Sæther 4 weeks residency in Oslo

Tåresvik, Kristin 4 weeks residency in Oslo

Fotogalleriet Extraordinary support: Nordic Dummy Award 2016 50.000 NOK

Fotogalleriet Extraordinary support: Anniversary exhibition 100.000 NOK

Forbundet Frie Fotografer Extraordinary support: Fotobokfestival Oslo 2016 150.000 NOK

Autumn 2015 +

Eriksen, Marthe Aune Exhibition: Shifting Boundaries, EPEA 40.000 NOK

Objektiv Extra support Objektiv 2015 100.000 NOK

Objektiv Project: Objektiv 2016 250.000 NOK

Løberg, Morten Myhre Publication: Analog fotografi - en håndbok 20.000 NOK

Multipress Publication: Angle 9-12° 40.000 NOK

Mosken, Raymond Publication: Observations 30.000 NOK

Mugaas, Eline Exhibition: Utstilling på Kunstnernes Hus 2016 50.000 NOK

Sundby, Heidi Project: Barnet med det rare i, del 2 40.000 NOK

Tandberg, Vibeke Publication: Monografi 50.000 NOK

Spring 2015 +

Guttu, Ane Hjort Prosjektstøtte Tiden Går 50.000 NOK

Jacobsson, Sabina Project: A Bigger Splash 24.000 NOK

Ljosvoll, Eva Project: Tidsmaskin 25.000 NOK

Løkken, Line Bøhmer Publication: Tingenes tilstand (etter Marcello Haugen) 25.000 NOK

Nordbrenden, Dag Exhibition: Condominium, Akershus Kunstsenter 30.000 NOK

Paiva, Margarida Project:Invisible other 30.000 NOK

Strand, Nina Publication: Dr. Strand 20.000 NOK

Toft, Nina Publication:Debris Fanzine 50.000 NOK

Tveit, Espen Publication: SVEV 40.000 NOK

Nordic Dummy Award (Fotogalleriet) Extraordinary project support 50.000 NOK

Fotobokfestival Oslo (FFF) Extraordinary project support 150.000 NOK

Autumn 2014 +

Aas, Marte Project: La Défense 30.000 NOK

Berntsen, Per Project:Metsä 25.000 NOK

Bjørnmyr, Marianne Publication:An authentick relation 20.000 NOK

Brown, Per Christian Exhibition: Jorden og drømmerier om hvile 30.000 NOK

Heavy Books Publication: Publikasjon #1-5 25.000 NOK

Hjorth, Karoline Publication: Eyes as big as plates 25.000 NOK

Honerud, Hilde Project: Øvelser i Norsk 30.000 NOK

Hugin, Kaia Exhibition: Flytestein 20.000 NOK

Reitan, Erik Friis / Ludvigsen, Klara Sofie Exhibition: Eg såg skinnet verte tredd på med innsida ut 10.000 NOK

Sterri, Bjørn Publication: Family Photographs 30.000 NOK

Åsdam, Knut Project: The Hebrides/Tweed Space 50.000 NOK