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Applicants who have received funding from Norwegian Photographic Fund (Nofofo), but have to cancel exhibitions, projects and/or other publications due to Covid-19 can now apply for reassignment of funding. Send a statusrapport to Nofofo with a plan for reassignment of funding.

Rapports can be sent to [email protected]

For applicants who need to delay exhibitions, projects and/or publications only need to inform the board about this when the annual rapport for funding is submitted.

The Norwegian Photographic Fund wishes all good luck in the coming time.


Norwegian Photographic Fund welcomes applications twice a year: 1st February and 1st September at 1:00 pm. The deadline for applications spring 2020 is Monday September 1st at 1PM. 

New application portal!

Norwegian Photographic Fund launched a new application portal for the first application deadline of 2019. The portal replaces the old system for applying and submitting reports. Go to the new application portal and APPLY HERE

What can you apply for 

You may apply for exhibition,- project,- or publication funding, and also for funding other other activities that promote Norwegian camera-based art such as curatorial activity, lecture series, workshops etc. It is not possible to apply for funding permanent production equipment such as PC/mac, camera, etc.

Who can apply for funding

The applicant must have completed arts education at BA-level or higher, or be able to demonstrate an artistic practice within camera-based art. Norwegian Photographic Fund allocates support to artists actively working with photography and other camera-based forms of expression who live and/or work in Norway. All applicants who meet the criteria are evaluated on equal terms.

Who can not apply for funding

Applications from students will not be considered, except for applications from final year students (higher education, BA- og MA level). If you have received funding from Norwegian Photographic Fund, you can not apply again until one year after.


Download the guidelines to the application here.

After receiving financial funding

A report shall be submitted by end of the project. A new application for project funding will not be considered before the report is submitted and approved.

Norwegian Photographic Fund must be credited in publications, information materials etc. Contact us via [email protected] to have our logo sent by e-mail.

Applicants can expect an answer in March (for applications in February) and October (for applications in September).

Go to the new application portal here:

Photo: Vårutstillingen 2019 / Istvan Virag.